Antibiotics And Children

Whenever a child coughs, parents become mad. They rush with their beloved one to the hospital and demand the doctor to do all the possible examinations and to prescribe their kid some antibiotics. Well, no wonder, they are scared because they hear all the worst stories about neglect of children’s healthcare and cases when kids were misdiagnosed. However, is this the best way how to treat children? To simply prescribe them antibiotics on whatever sickness they are having?

Actually, this is the reason why bacteria are becoming resistant to some kinds of antibiotics. But enough of that, let’s talk about what happens when a child is exposed to antibiotics often or for long periods of time.

The study has shown that antibiotics affect BMI and they make children, who were taking this medicine often more fat. Well, they make it harder for them to lose weight and so children who took antibiotics are also more likely to retain the weight they gain.

Another problem is that the older you get, the worst is the effect. However, do not be scared if you are not taking antibiotics regularly. In that case, the problem may not appear.

So, perhaps it is worth considering whether children really need that much antibiotics, right?