Aphrodisiac Drinks to Boost Female Libido

Summer and cocktails simply belong together.

And summer and love also goes together! So, now it is the best time to find out which cocktails are the best to drink in order to boost the libido!

Well, here is a short list of the best aphrodisiac drinks:

  1. Sparkling Ginger Daisy – cocktail made of prosecco, cherry, gin, ginger liqueur, lemon juice and grenadine. Ginger and cherry make this drink one of the best aphrodisiacs!
  2. Cupid´s Kiss – this drink even sounds sexy, right? And it tastes so too. It is made with cherry infused vodka, coconut infused vodka, dark choclate liqueur, chocolate syrup and cocoa powder.
  3. Saratoga – with champagne and strawberry, this cocktail can be a great aphrodisiacs too!
  4. Mayday Martini – made with cinnamon and strawberry!
  5. Oyster Shooter – well, this drink is probably not the best option. But it can be an original alternative to all the ordinary cocktails.

Well, these are just few of the cocktails that can be used as aphrodisiacs. Basically, it all depends on the ingredients that the cocktails are made with, strawberries, chocolate, cherry, cinnamon are all great and of course, alcohol also helps!

So, go ahead, go out and have a drink! Or two! Cocktails are a great form of aphrodisiac especially now when it is just too hot outside.

And if not, then you can try adding Spanish Fly LOVE to your drink. These aphrodisiac drops will turn any drink into an aphrodisiac.

So enjoy the summer!