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Climestra female libido enhancer is a women’s libido enhancer that should increases the drive of women naturally or your money back.

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by Nelly O. submitted 23 hours ago for Climestra

I am married, but after giving birth to my first baby, my sexual desires reduced greatly. I started having stumpy orgasm and I stopped enjoying sex. The Climestra is the first product I thought of trying. I hate pills so I had to take it with some sweet drink, but I vomited because of the weird smell and bad taste. It was awful to me.


by Tim E. submitted 3 days ago for Climestra

My wife had low libido every time we would conduct the act of sexual intercourse. The impact left me unsatisfied and disappointed. Instead of cheating on her, I discussed with her about looking for an enhancer, and we decided to go for Climestra, which we saw being advertised in a love magazine. I purchased it personally and gave her. After taking the product, my wife claimed to be feeling no difference. I thought it would improve her libido and allow her to achieve orgasm, but it seemed I wasted my money. I wish I could get the money back because the product disappointed me and we had to look for another option.


by Lorraine E. submitted 5 days ago for Climestra

I have been using the Climestra libido booster for a week now. I hoped to improve my lovemaking sensation, sadly enough, am still low in sex, and have moods swings.


by Robert K. submitted 9 days ago for Climestra

I thought if great improvement after buying the Climestra for my wife. She did not like sex, but even after taking the product, her clitoris remained insensitive and had dryness in her vagina as before.


by Addie P. submitted 13 days ago for Climestra

This is such a weird product. Paid so much for it but didn’t feel as if it improved my sex like so what’s the point? Also tastes incredible weird so it makes it hard to even want to use this so I am quite sad.


by Cathern R. submitted 25 days ago for Climestra

Bad product. It causes dryness down there, and you can feel it within a day only. I want to return my product. I want my money back. Don’t buy.


by Margarita R. submitted 1 month ago for Climestra

Take my word for it and avoid it for good. It caused nausea and terrible headaches. Stay away from these chemicals.


by Anna C. submitted 1 month ago for Climestra

I have an extremely low sex drive, I tried herbal medicine, yoga, and other aphrodisiacs but nothing worked. I found huge relief when I saw the positive reviews about this product. I immediately asked my husband who told me to give it a try. I placed an order for two bottles, as I feared I may not get the product again. It reached me in two days and I started taking it twice daily as recommended. Initially, I thought something was happening, but soon I realized that it was nothing but a placebo pill designed to create hype in the market. I gave it a try for two weeks but still I felt nothing unusual. I miss those days of wildness. This pill certainly did nothing to get those days back. I have opened one bottle, that’s my mistake of trusting such a brand. But, I want to return the second one. I don’t want to waste my money on such worthless products. I am writing this review in order to alert others, that it is nothing but a hoax.


by Mary L. submitted 1 month ago for Climestra

This does not work, and a very bad taste to it. Not worth the money there charging at all might as well be sugar.


by Amber W. submitted 2 months ago for Climestra

This had a very off taste and a funny smell, it did nothing for me other then make me feel a bit tired.


by Jonathan B. submitted 2 months ago for Climestra

My wife says it does not work, and have not noticed any changes with her sex drive. Very disappointed


by Lauren A. submitted 3 months ago for Climestra

This is one of the hardest products to use that I have come across. Contrary to what it would lead you to believe, it is not that easy and each time you use it, the instructions become more complicated. I was looking for a simple solution to my problem and not a calculus exam; I would really want my money back.



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