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Evedol is a 100% all natural, herbal, organic product that helps women restores their sexual libido without any side effects. Regular use of Evedol mimics original female hormone estrogen to maximize sexual pleasure without any side effects.

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by Kelly M. submitted 14 hours ago for Evedol

I hated the Evedol after purchasing it thinking it would help my sexual desire raw up. The product did nothing according to its fundamental claims since I do not feel sexy, as I desired.


by Judith J. submitted 2 days ago for Evedol

The Evedol did not help in improving my libido instantly. I had to take it for weeks before realizing some significant results.


by Susan B. submitted 4 days ago for Evedol

I do not like capsules. Taking the libido enhancer gave me a hard time.


by Gloria W. submitted 8 days ago for Evedol

Why is this product so expensive when it doesn’t have any effect at all? Overall not a good experience but I will continue to give it another try…


by Mary R. submitted 14 days ago for Evedol

The packaging and design were good, but that was it. No effect, no change nothing. I had high hopes but I give up.


by Glory A. submitted 18 days ago for Evedol

Since 35, I had a mild hysterectomy and lost all sex drive. This product seemed to promise a lot but alas after 2 weeks of dosage I don’t feel any change. The pills itself are very weird and not like common ones. It has a very pungent smell to it and initially for 3 days it caused immense stomach aches. I thought it was working due to the aches, but it was just pain and no pleasure. Very disappointed, I wish I could have my money back.


by Elizabeth L. submitted 27 days ago for Evedol

A friend recommended Evedol to me. I took it with high hopes, but realized no reaction. I contemplated of having long-term effect of spicing my intimacy life, but am still not satisfied with the results. It was wastage of money.


by Dan A. submitted 1 month ago for Evedol

The Evedol only worked for my wife after taking the required tablets for many days. The product is not good for instant results, as many would wish.


by Deborah F. submitted 1 month ago for Evedol

After taking the first two tablets, I felt my libido being low, as it was before not what I was longing for. My breasts and genital area felt no sensation until I took the pills for around two weeks. It is high demanding.


by Rachel L. submitted 1 month ago for Evedol

The libido enhancer was expensive, but since for my spouse, felt no desires of making love with me remained dry all the time, I had no option but purchase it. It was different from what I anticipated. It did not work for her.


by John W. submitted 1 month ago for Evedol

My wife loves making me contented in sex. However, she has low orgasm. She requested me to buy her a libido enhancer and brought the Evedol. We thought she would regain her sexual fulfillment, but was disappointed after having no change. She did not like the taste either.


by Janet B. submitted 2 months ago for Evedol

Following the exceptional advert in the media, I was determined to give a trial to Evedol. The libido enhancer was great to me, but my intimacy life was satisfactory only for the first weeks. The product required persistence and this is not what I wanted.


by Luke L. submitted 2 months ago for Evedol

My wife gave birth to our first-born and from there, her sexual desires and sensation worsened. She has been having stumpy orgasm and not enjoying sex. The Evedol is the product I thought would help. She took it and out of its taste and smell, she could vomit every time she could take the tablets.


by Faye M. submitted 2 months ago for Evedol

I ordered the Evedol online to help my spouse improve her sex drive. I am disappointed and wish I can get my money back because her sex craving is poor and still have no sensation in her genital area.


by Tracey P. submitted 3 months ago for Evedol

The libido booster was okay for the first months, but my lovemaking impression is reducing with time. I recommend another libido enhancer that is long lasting


by Michelle A. submitted 3 months ago for Evedol

I thought Evedol would amazingly re-establish my sex feeling, orgasm, and vaginal lubrication. Unfortunately, my sexual motivation and enthusiasm are still stumpy. I was not satisfied.


by Paul E. submitted 4 months ago for Evedol

My wife’s sex life was mild and I wanted to remain faithful to her. We decided to look for a libido enhancer. I suggested Evedol after consulting a friend who told me it would work. I am dissatisfied since her libido has no changes even after taking the recommended tablets. Our expectation was that she would have massive orgasm and sexual pleasure after usage. I had to go looking for a different product in the market.


by Carrie W. submitted 4 months ago for Evedol

I got this with high hopes it would help my sex life out. I have three young kids so I am always so tired and stressed. Other reviews seemed so good however it did nothing for me at all. Very disappointed.



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