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ExtenZe is an all-natural nutritional supplement formulated especially for women. By taking ExtenZe daily you can boost your libido, magnify and enhance the pleasure gained through sex. Incorporating an all-natural formula incorporated with natural aphrodisiacs.

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by Lorraine G. submitted 21 hours ago for Extenze for Women

My sex life was mild and required a natural enhancer. A friend suggested Extenze for Women and promised me to have the results I wanted. I am dissatisfied since my libido has no changes.


by Hazel T. submitted 3 days ago for Extenze for Women

I suffered from hysterectomy leading to losing of sex drive. I tried improving it myself, but nothing improved. I went shopping for a booster and landed into Extenze for Women. I decided to give it a trial expecting to get instant results. The worst part of it is that my sex drive only improved a bit but really not as I expected.


by Celia B. submitted 6 days ago for Extenze for Women

My sex game was featureless and had mood swings every time. My husband went looking for a product that would flavor it up. He bought the Extenze for Women and requested me to take it. After taking it tirelessly, our matrimony life did not improve since I do not desire to have sex with him.


by Tami M. submitted 10 days ago for Extenze for Women

The product does not seem to bring some changes to me. I do not feel any urge for sex, vaginal lubrication, sexual fantasies, or body arousal. No changes.


by Debra J. submitted 14 days ago for Extenze for Women

The Extenze for Women worked for me after taking it persistently, but it made me feel irritable and suffered from a headache after taking it.


by Beverly J. submitted 19 days ago for Extenze for Women

I was using this product to help increase female libido and I must say that it was not a very good experience. At first when I saw the item, I thought that it was going to be great – I was really excited and hoped that it would spice things up at home. I even disregarded the high price, thinking that it would be worth it in the end. But I totally did not see any effects or either my partner.


by Sharon A. submitted 28 days ago for Extenze for Women

Meh product. Not happy with the results but I guess there was no harm either. Not better than anything I can get from the store easily.


by Phyllis J. submitted 1 month ago for Extenze for Women

I took this because I wanted to surprise my husband. But after using it for several days I don’t think I see anything different. Is it just me or do other people actually feel a response to this?


by Helen Gonzales submitted 1 month ago for Extenze for Women

Not for me. Seeing the positive reviews, I ordered one for my wife but it had no effect at all. Waste of money.


by Antoinette D. submitted 1 month ago for Extenze for Women

I would not waste another dollar on this product I took it till the bottle was empty and it did absolutely nothing for me I would not recommend this product to anyone.


by Kathleen H. submitted 1 month ago for Extenze for Women

It did not help my sex drive or my energy! Overall I got a better response from a cup of coffee than this. Very disappointed.


by Sandra M. submitted 2 months ago for Extenze for Women

Does absolutely nothing. Zero stars would have been better.


by Jacqualine C. submitted 2 months ago for Extenze for Women

No change at all does not work.


by Thora D. submitted 3 months ago for Extenze for Women

Nothing at all here. I’ll keep looking. I’m only 34 years old and I have no libido. After my last child was born I don’t even think about sex at all anymore, and could go the rest of my life without it. If anyone knows something that really works please let me know. So disappointing, and depressing.


by Mary G. submitted 4 months ago for Extenze for Women

This doesn’t work at all. I feel like they lied to me don’t be a sucker like me. Don’t waste your money. I don’t feel any different at all after taking this for a month now. So not worth it.


by Amy J. submitted 4 months ago for Extenze for Women

This Extenze for Women has got to be one of the best solutions to my sex life was what I was thinking when I ordered it. This was never to be at all because it as turned out to be just some product that basically has no lasting effect on me. I have been using it for a few weeks now and just when those moments start to be steamy, it loses its touch.



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