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Fematril is a pill that can liquidate your hypersexual desire disorder and restore your female sexual desire naturally. Fematril restores libido, increases vaginal moisture, increases sensitivity and enhances orgasm in an all-natural way boosting your libido, increasing your vaginal sensitivity, and making you orgasms more powerful.

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$17.99 – $75.98

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by Sarah S. submitted 2 days ago for Fematril

I Tried Fematril libido enhancer and there has really been no noticeable change. Not only is it ultra-expensive but it smells kind of weird and the capsules are hard to swallow.


by Cheryl S. submitted 3 days ago for Fematril

Fematril is the first libido enhancer I’ve tried, and it has had absolutely no effect. It says on the label that a female should start experiencing heightened sex drive two hours after taking. Well, it didn’t work the first time, and I’m now on the third try and still no results. I’m following the dosage and all other directions exactly. I think I may need to ask for a refund.


by Jeffery B. submitted 6 days ago for Fematril

My wife and I decided to try out some female libido enhancers to see if we could get back to the way things once were in the bedroom. We chose Fematril based on the reviews, and waited anxiously for the product to arrive. It all sounds pretty simple from the instructions. Just take tablet and then two hours later the libido will start kicking in. Well, my wife took her designated tablet. We put on some music, lit some candles, and waited. And waited. And waited. And waited some more. After five hours with no effect, we finally just went to bed. Needless to say, we are both very disappointed with the results from this product and will be asking for our money back.


by Janice C. submitted 12 days ago for Fematril

Not only is Fematril enhancer expensive, but the tablets taste bad and are hard to swallow. I’m not sure what that taste is, but it really sticks in the back of the throat and makes it hard to get the tablets down. And all this from a product that does’t work. No thanks, Fematril.


by Kimberly S. submitted 19 days ago for Fematril

I’ve been suffering from decreased libido due to a medical condition, and have been experimenting with different libido enhancers. Unfortunately, I haven’t yet been able to find one that works. I came across Fematril and figured I would give it a shot. Just like all the others I’ve tried, I cracked open the bottle with hopeful anticipation, took the designated dose, waited the designated time (two hours in this case) and felt no effect whatsoever. While this product claims to be a “potent” libido enhancer, I found it to have zero effect on this girl’s sex drive.


by Katherine W. submitted 24 days ago for Fematril

I was expecting a hot and steamy night with my boyfriend, but all I got was a huge bill and no results from Fematril. Buyer beware: These pills do nothing!


by Thomas N. submitted 29 days ago for Fematril

My GF and I were looking for a little something to spice up the sex life, so we figured we’d give a female libido enhancer a shot! We chose Fematril because it was one of the first enhancers to come up in a search. The price tag kind of hurt, but hey, if it leads to some hot action then we were all for it. The item arrived several days later and I couldn’t wait until Saturday night! Well, we followed the instructions exactly. My GF took tablet and we waited a little over two hours before getting into it. I hate to say it, but there was no enhanced sex with this product. My GF says she didn’t feel any increased drive. It was definitely kind of a letdown. We tried it again a few more times and it was more of the same. We’re definitely disappointed and will be asking for our money back.


by Mollie R. submitted 1 month ago for Fematril

It had a very weird smell, I did take 5 pills but nothing happened so I stopped. The smell is awful.


by Dorothy R. submitted 1 month ago for Fematril

I had high hopes for this but was let down does not work a poor quality.


by Linda W. submitted 1 month ago for Fematril

What a letdown! I really had high hopes that this might work for me, but it did nothing. what a waste of money. I’m going to ask for a refund.


by Trina N. submitted 2 months ago for Fematril

I have been using Fematril for a few days now and I have noted no changes at all to my sex life. I read online that this is the ultimate solution to my sex life but it seems like I was wrong. I have been having trouble with my boyfriend because of my lack of arousal and I thought this would help but apparently that wasn’t to be. I am really disappointed.



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