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Germany Sex Drops is a female sex enhancer that is safe to consume and takes effect in a couple of minutes and delivers intense orgasms to females. Germany Sex Drops takes effect in a matter of minutes and delivers lasting sexual urges.

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by Misty Jacobson submitted 10 hours ago for Germany Sex Drops

I disliked the product since it has bad taste and it smells weird. Taking it with another drink made me vomit. I threw away the remaining product after taking it twice.


by Josephine Thomson submitted 22 hours ago for Germany Sex Drops

Due to my low sexual urges, I purchased Germany Sex Drops online, but after taking it as instructed, nothing much changed. My body arousal, vaginal lubrication, and desire for sex all remained inefficient.


by Jim Nieves submitted 2 days ago for Germany Sex Drops

I advised my wife to buy the Germany Sex Drops thinking that our marriage and sex life would change after taking the recommended drops instantly, but we had to wait for a period before realizing some results. But the impact was still low. We contemplated of having long-term effect of spicing our intimacy life, but am still not satisfied with sex with her since she does not enjoy it.


by Nancy Taylor submitted 5 days ago for Germany Sex Drops

After taking few drops of Germany Sex Drops product in my orange fresh juice, my libido was still low and not what I was asking for. My vagina remained dry and my sex desires were not rejuvenated as I thought.


by Daniel Santos submitted 7 days ago for Germany Sex Drops

Despite purchasing the expensive Germany Sex Drops product for my spouse, she is still not interested. I have to beg her to make love with me since she still has minimal sexual desires. It was not what I expected. I wish I can give it back and get my money back to look for another libido enhancer.


by Kenneth G. submitted 7 days ago for Germany Sex Drops

My wife loved making me happy, but she was always dry and with low libido. She requested me to bring to her Germany Sex Drops. We thought that it would work perfectly for her, but we were disappointed because she had no much change.


by Julie W. submitted 14 days ago for Germany Sex Drops

After using the Germany Sex Drops, my bed performance remained poor. It was not what I anticipated.


by Dallas H. submitted 23 days ago for Germany Sex Drops

When I first got the item, I was immediately put of by it. Opening the bottle will immediately fill your senses with a very strange and unpleasant odor (made me feel a little nauseous). And when you drink it… I really almost wanted to spit it out immediately. Tastes worse than cough syrup.


by Roberta D. submitted 29 days ago for Germany Sex Drops

When I opened the box I was so shocked! I paid so much that I was expecting it to be a big bottle but no – the bottle is so small. The product might not be too bad but you can easily finish it very quickly. Definitely not going to buy this again.


by Brenda D. submitted 1 month ago for Germany Sex Drops

I wish I could give this no stars, this was a waste of good money. I do not recommend this at all.


by Jan A. submitted 1 month ago for Germany Sex Drops

Don’t waste your money does not work. I had high hopes for this, after all, the good reviews but it did nothing very disappointing.


by Leeann S. submitted 2 months ago for Germany Sex Drops

I was hoping that this would help my sex life but it did nothing for me.


by Kelly O. submitted 2 months ago for Germany Sex Drops

It was OK I guess; I did feel something. But my periods stopped and it’s been almost a month, and I am scared. I have to go to a proper gynaecologist, now.


by Suz I. submitted 2 months ago for Germany Sex Drops

This Germany Sex Drops smells really weird and am not sure that anyone who is really sensitive to smell while making love will like it. I think it somehow solves the problem as I have tried it twice but the smell is just too unbearable. Not just for me but for my boyfriend as well who finds it really irritating. We can’t do any oral because e smell is just too much.



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