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HerSolution Gel and Pills have been formulated to help women beat vaginal dryness by mimicking your body’s natural lubrication early during a sexual encounter. Aphrodisiacs that work together to gently and naturally restore your desire for and enjoyment of sex.

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by Mark C. Ford submitted 13 hours ago for HerSolution Gel & Pills

I thought it would incredibly restore my sex sensation, vaginal lubrication, and orgasm. Unfortunately, my body stimulation, lovemaking fantasies, and sex enthusiasm are still low.


by Helen Torrance submitted 3 days ago for HerSolution Gel & Pills

The product was okay for me since I regained my libido and I managed to change my mood swings, which my sexual partner used to complain about. However, it was disgusting swallowing the capsules whole. I could not admire the experience.


by Doris Bradford submitted 9 days ago for HerSolution Gel & Pills

Good product, but not for those who wish to have instant libido improvement.


by Lauren Jackson submitted 13 days ago for HerSolution Gel & Pills

I guess that this is an okay product but after trying out a variety of other brands, I’m pretty sure that there are cheaper alternatives that produce the same (or in fact even better) results. Still much better than what you can purchase in stores but this will be a one-time purchase for me.


by Christina Gildersleeve submitted 16 days ago for HerSolution Gel & Pills

It was OK in the sense it did help lubricate but no change whatsoever in libido. Not Recommended.


by Suzanne Golder submitted 19 days ago for HerSolution Gel & Pills

I have been taking this daily now for a few weeks. I purchased this product because I have lost all of my libido since my youngest child was born 2 years ago. This product has NOT helped improve my libido at all, nor has it helped my mood or energy. I will not be buying it again.


by Joan Sewell submitted 25 days ago for HerSolution Gel & Pills

I’ve used things like this in the past with success. These, however, did nothing for me. very Poor quality not worth a dime.


by Julie G. submitted 1 month ago for HerSolution Gel & Pills

Might be OK for some but did nothing for me.


by Sara D. submitted 1 month ago for HerSolution Gel & Pills

I have not seen any change in my wife at all. Very disporting.


by Maureen L. submitted 2 months ago for HerSolution Gel & Pills

I have been having problems with my libido for a while and I really thought that this was going to be the solution that I was looking for but that wasn’t to be. I ordered this product a while back and it has one of the worst tastes that you will ever come across. I can’t really say that it isn’t that effective as it should be but the taste kind of takes the mood away altogether. I am a really sensitive person and this has got to be one of the reasons that I think this wasn’t the solution that I was hoping for.


by April W. submitted 2 months ago for HerSolution Gel & Pills

A good gel to actually solve the problem that I have been having for a while now but just too expensive for me to afford. The price just kind of takes away the desire to want to acquire this cream though I have read that it is really effective. The price they have put is just too much for anyone to risk their money on. Who knows if it even works in the first place?


by Pamela J. submitted 3 months ago for HerSolution Gel & Pills

Contrary to what I had been led to believe, this is by far the most misleading product I have ever used. There were no results whatsoever as far as the solution was concerned and I ended up throwing it away though I am considering taking action to get my money back. It was just expensive and considering that it did not work at all, I deserve my money back.


by Janet K. submitted 3 months ago for HerSolution Gel & Pills

Following the unique advertisement in a love magazine, I decided to try the product to improve my sexual urges and make my intimacy life satisfactory. The HerSolution was okay for me, though the impact remained only for few days.


by Cindy M. submitted 4 months ago for HerSolution Gel & Pills

Bought a few of this – when it arrived packaging was damaged and bottle didn’t look sealed very well. Dusty as well. Wish that this product was better…


by Jimmy P. submitted 4 months ago for HerSolution Gel & Pills

Got this for my wife thinking that it would make things more exciting at home. But the smell is so weird that she won’t even try it. Note to manufacturer – please do something about that. No point selling something if no one can even take it.



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