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Provestra Female Enhancement Pills are a dietary fiber supplement that brings back sexual urges over a time period of a couple of months in an all safe and natural way. By taking Provestra you can enjoy the pleasures of sex like you used to!

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by Nancy K. submitted 2 hours ago for Provesta

I always suffered from low sexual desires. So I went window-shopping. Seeing the Provestra and reading more about how it works; I decided to give it a trial. I used it for more than one month, but the worst part of it is that it did not work.


by Tammy F. submitted 8 hours ago for Provesta

Taking the product for some weeks left me disappointed because I had no changes and my libido was not raised as I thought.


by Agnes C. submitted 1 day ago for Provesta

After usage of the Provestra, my performance in bed remained the same. I would not buy it again since it is wastage of money and time taking product.


by Lisa B. submitted 3 day ago for Provesta

The dosage was not good to me because taking it for two months was to much stressful.


by Maxine E. submitted 5 days ago for Provesta

The Provestra did not help. The results were horrible since my partner continued complaining that I was low in bed and required me to do something about it. My lovemaking sensation remained insignificant.


by Donald L. submitted 9 days ago for Provesta

The Provestra was OK, but not great. I thought my wife did not like sex, but after taking the product under my direction, it did not work as per my interests. Her clitoris was not kept sensitive, and the vagina remained dry as before.


by Adeline P. submitted 14 days ago for Provesta

I was not satisfied with the fact that my spouse took the Provestra, but we still have issues with her past hormonal imbalances and low sex wishes.


 by Tonya W. submitted 25 days ago for Provesta

My wife had low sex drive and after discussing it, we decided to go for the Provestra after seeing its appealing advertisement in a magazine. I bought it personally and took it to her. One month after taking the product, my wife claimed that she felt the same and would not like to take it anymore. I was thoughtful of wanting to return it and have my money back but just decided to throw it and look for another libido booster.


 by Phoebe J. submitted 29 days ago for Provesta

The Provestra was okay for me, but I expected to have very high sexual urges and improve my intimacy life, but it was just too far from the results. The product only boosted my sex drive for some time.


 by Norma R. submitted 1 month ago for Provesta

The product was expensive and hard to use. I had not attempted another libido enhancer despite having a low orgasm and least enjoyment when having sex. Trying to take the Provestra was ineffective for the reason that the instructions were long and taking the whole dose was stressful.


 by Stephanie J. submitted 1 month ago for Provesta

My sex life was bland, and I needed some natural assistance. I went looking for a product that could spice it up. I landed to the Provestra and made up my mind to buy and use it. I would not recommend women to get the product because our matrimony life never changed even after committing myself to the product.


 by Ruth H. submitted 2 months ago for Provesta

I thought that I would have instant results, but it was different since I had to take the Provestra for weeks to realize some efficient impact. I contemplated of having enormous orgasm and pleasure instantly, but I ended up regretting asking my husband to have sex with me.


 by Rose R. submitted 3 months ago for Provesta

I did not acquire efficient vaginal lubrication, body arousal, the eagerness of sex, or enhanced fantasies when in the bed with my partner despite him advising me to take the product.


 by Geoffrey O. submitted 3 months ago for Provesta

My wife had lost her libido ever since she gave birth to our second child. We have almost come to the point of sleeping separately. I googled my way up to this product and thinking it to be promising hope placed an order. After my wife used it for a week the only change I could see, was her drowsiness, she slept through night and day, and now she has discontinued using it. Take it as a warning or a friendly advice and stay away from this product.


 by Pam L. submitted 3 months ago for Provesta

The dosage was not good since I had to take the pills for over two weeks before having some improvement in my bed performance remained poor. Additionally, my hormonal imbalance continued being my major problem. This is not what I anticipated.


 by Deborah P. submitted 4 months ago for Provesta

I swear that this made me sleepier than I already was, and did nothing for my libido complete waste of money.


 by Paula Q. submitted 4 months ago for Provesta

This product gave me a headache after I used it. Not sure if this product is the cause of it but I definitely felt better when I stopped using it.


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