Healthy Foods For Diabetics

Sure, it may get quite annoying and tiring trying to always make a good food choice when you have diabetes, however, it does not have to be that difficult anymore. All you have to do, is write down these awesome foods, and stock your fridge with them!

  1. Start with beans! Beans are great. They have lost of fibre and they help steady your blood sugar.
  2. For clacium and vitamind D, get some dairy. Milks, cottage cheese, yogurt. These are the ones that you are looking for!
  3. Have salmon for a dinner. It contains omega-3s that everybody strongly recommends.
  4. Or, if for some reason you prefer other fish, then go for tuna! Another great source of omega-3s.
  5. Barley – this is a great grain that helps lowering cholesterol!
  6. The same things applies to oats!
  7. Berries – have some berries for when you really want something sweet.
  8. Or, have dates!
  9. Walnuts – just be careful not to eat too much of them.

Have these at home and you will never have to be hungry again. And, you will never gain weight again too!