How To Change Your Life In 10 Minutes

Little things make difference. If you do not believe that, you should probably try to do some of these and see how they improve your life immediately!

  1. Start your morning with meditation. It will prepare you for what the day has to offer and it will help you clear your ming.
  2. Have sardines at lest twice a week. They are full of omega-3s.
  3. Instead of buying a salad dressing make your own.
  4. Cook with super-healthy spices that lower blood pressure.
  5. Eat less sugar. Quit drinking soda.
  6. Expose yourself to sunlight in the morning.
  7. Play calming music.
  8. Travel. Go for a trip.
  9. Spend a day without your smartphone. Or without Facebook.
  10. Do not check your email after you wake up.
  11. Use yogurt more.
  12. Drink tea in the afternoon.
  13. Scrub your scalp.
  14. Focus on the things that you want. Make sure that you do not forget about them.
  15. Have coffee in the morning.
  16. Do not listen to loud music. Turn the volume down.
  17. Take probiotics.
  18. Poop in the morning.
  19. Exercise whenever you think about having a cookie.
  20. Smile!