Plants That Are fighting Diseases

Do you know which plants you should be eating in order to fight diseases? Well, if not, we have some tips that might really change your life. Do you want to know how? Just start eating them and you will be suprised!

  1. Garlic – it is always good to start with garlic. I mean, it works magic. It can keep you from getting cold and that is probably a very good idea right now.
  2. Broccoli sprouts – these are absolutely great because they can fight cancer! Also, they can help with your asthma.
  3. Mint – if you happen to have problems with digestion, just have some mint. Also, it can help with liver problems.
  4. Asparagus – asparagus is the best for when you are having a hangover. If you do not believe, then you should just try it!
  5. Basil – basil is great for a headache.
  6. Red cabbage microgreens – if you want to prevent yourself from cold and flu, these are definitely the best option!
  7. Chamomile – if you need to get some rest, but you somehow cannot, then you should definitely try chamomile tea!

So? Are you going to grow some of these plants? We think that you definitely should.