Snacks You Can Eat All Night Long

And not gain weight! Ain´t that awesome? We know that it is! So just relax, read about these awesome snacks and then have one! You can!

Olives – olives are a great snack for when you want something small that you can chow down on. One olive contains only 4 calories.

Nuts – no matter what kind, nuts are going to be a great snack for you! Do you know why? Because they are rich in protein and fibre. So you will only need a few to feel satisfied.

Pickled vegetables – believe it or not, pickled vegetables are low in calories! So you do not have to feel bad for eating them at night.

Roasted chickpeas – you can make this snack at home! Just toss some olive oil, salt and spices on and you will see how delicious chickpeas can be.

Popcorn – popcorn is actually not that bad! Well, supposing you do not eat too much of it!

Guacamole – is much better than a cheesy dip!

Cocktail onions – if you are crazy enough to be able to eat these, then you definitely should! They are low in calories!