Does Spanish Fly works on men only?

What is Spanish fly? Why is it designed for men only? Why do people consider it deadly? If you have heard about Spanish fly, you might have realized that it is an aphrodisiac and specifically made for men. The term has got popularity in the 1980s when the sex comedies started using it in their comedy. It will not work for a woman. You can say that it is just for those gentlemen who need something to feel hot. Yes, it might kill them.

The reality is that Spanish fly exists. Moreover, the name justifies the purpose of the product. The name is derived from a group of the insects whose subspecies are known as the Spanish flies. These subspecies are generally known as the blister beetles or meloid beetles. They are used by the people as an aphrodisiac to make themselves hot. But these are not widely available and that somehow limits the usability. These subspecies have a special chemical that is cantharidin. This chemical is used to make a man hot.

For the cantharidin only, Spanish fly is used as the aphrodisiac. Moreover, this chemical also makes the product to be known as the blister beetles. This is originally known as the meloid beetles. The effects of this chemical have given it a new name. The cantharidin is a harsh poison if you ingest it. There might be some blisters on your skin as well.

As believed by the biologists, the meloid blisters are meant to present themselves in an unattractive way to the predators. They emit some milk-like fluid from their leg joints and stock these liquids for the future use. When these subspecies meet, they do this for a business purpose and the male hands over a sperm pocket to the female counterparts. She will use that pocket to fertilize the eggs whenever required.

The females have also the right to discard the sperm if she is not satisfied. The male can produce once more to please the female with a cantharidin packet that will enable the females to protect their eggs from the predators. This gift of the male to female is described as a nuptial by the researchers. The researcher might have observed this process and that might have given the birth of a concept like an inducement to any mating. The concept has come from the Spanish fly species.

Cantharidin might make a man hot. But many of the users find it as an irritant. These are also used to cure some health complications related to the skin disorders. You can use it to remove moles, warts, and tattoos. In fact, it has been used for the digestion. Though it comes with a number of the benefits, still you cannot rule out the possibility of the irritation. There will be some irritation irrespective of the purpose of the use.

When this chemical will make it way out to your body, you will have some irritation into the lining of your urethra. The irritation will be more for women. It will be noticeable. The effect will be different for men. They might experience swelling in the area that will be resulted in a long-lasting erection. The feeling will not be good. The erection will not be pleasant. But still, people prefer to have a small dose to get the benefits. Lucretius, the poet and philosopher, is believed to have died with the overdose of cantharidin taken from meloid beetle.

When it comes to the negative side, you might expect some severe reaction like death. An overdose can cause a severe problem. If you take the minor overdose, you will experience a long-lasting erection that might need medical intervention. You might experience heart disease, respiratory problems, severe abdominal pain, bloody urine, coma, renal failure, convulsions, and death. Therefore, it is always suggested to use some safe and medically supported products to make your man hot instead of using Spanish fly.

The Spanish fly has lost its reliability and cause poisoning to the adults in these days. Yes, it might be fatal but you can cure it with the medical help. If you are having any reaction or any of the above-mentioned symptoms, you should rush to the hospital to get the immediate medical attention. Moreover, you should never use a product that makes you spend in the hospitals. You will get more complications than the benefits.