Stop Doing These Things In Order To Stop Wrecking Your Immunity

If you think that you get sick too often, then you should probably try to help your immunity somehow! And the best thing would probably be to start with quitting on these habits!

  1. You are avoiding other people. And you do not really have that much friends. Thsi is bad! You need to spend some time with other people, it will help you and your immunity.
  2. You do things at night instead of sleeping. This is wrong. And you should know. If you do not get proper sleep, your immunity will not work the way it should.
  3. You are a negative person. A negative attitude will not do you any good.
  4. You do not argue with your partner. You have to let your emotions out. You cannot keep it all in.
  5. You are stressed constantly.
  6. Carry your own pen instead of using the public one in the bank. Or, use hand sanitizer.
  7. You do not exercise. You drive yourself everywhere.
  8. You spend time with your friends who smoke.
  9. You take antibiotics often.
  10. You do not have fun often and you are too serious.