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Growing Up With Brothers

Those of you who grew up with brothers only, have some things in common. You know, it is good to be raised with guys, it teaches you a lot.

You are ready for basically anyting and you know how to defend yourself. Although, there are perhaps some things that other people might find annoying about you. Or weird at least. Anyway just watch this video and see 7 signs that you grew up with brothers only. I bet that you can relate to all of them!

Guys At The Party

Being a girl at a party is tough sometimes. Oh, let me correct myself, being a hot girl at a party can be very tough. Mostly because of all the weirdos asking you for a drink, phone number or a dance. Honestly, I do not know which of the three is the worst. But probably it is the dancing, because once you agree to dance with someone, you cannot escape. And some touching, undesired touching, will happen. However, when it comes to dancing, it is much more complicated, because there are 6 types of guys that you have probably danced with. And you can see them all in the video.


When You Cannot Stop Wearing Your Workout Clothes

Workout clothes are just so awesome! I mean, as soon as you put them on, you feel as if you were already doing something for yourself, ain´t that right? And also, they make you look so good! So active and interesting. It is just hard not to wear your clothes for as long as it is possible, and as often as it is possible. Which is a good thing, of course. Because that means, that you also exercise more often, right?

Or not? Do you wear your clothes even when you are not planning to workout? Well, if yes, you might have some problems. Just like these women in the funny video below.

Grandmas In Lamborghini!

Have you ever been in a Lamborghini? Well, not everybody can say that, right? And not everybody can say that they were in a Lamboghini which was driven at speen of 165 mph? Well, there is not that many people who can say that, right?

But these grandmas experienced it. And they absolutely loved it! Although, for a moment i looked as if they were scared for their lives. Well, some of them. But afterwards, they felt amazing. Just watch the video and see what I am talking about.

How Pregnant Couples Behave (When No One Sees Them)

So you are finally expecting! Congratulations! It is so exciting, right? Well, okay. Now let´s move on to another subject. Like for example, have you notice any change? I mean, yeah of course you have noticed that your belly is somehow getting bigger and biggeer, but I mean some change in your relationship.

No, no. Do not get scared. I am just talking about some weird stuff that you and your loving one are now doing that you were not doing before. Some crazy things, you would probably never tell us. Well, think. Before I have an amazing video for you of just as crazy things! So enjoy!