The 10 Relationship Milestones

Every healthy relationship evolves with time. And that is how it should be. It is natural that our relationship does not stay the same forever. Although, many people would probably want the first phase when everything is so new and romantic to last forever, however, I am afraid that it is not possible.

But, do not get me wrong. We are not saying that your love will eventually slowly vanish and you will become of of those grumpy couples that basically share nothing together. We are saying that you will get more and more intimate with each other as the time will go on. So, let´s have a look at 10 important milestones that will definitely happen in your relationship:

  1. The first sleepover. The first time is always weird. A little. Although, it is beautiful. And you should definitely try it as soon as possible.
  2. Holding hands in public. Somehow, you become a couple. And then you somehow start holding hands when you are in public. It is simply natural.
  3. When he sees you without your makeup for the first time.
  4. Your first exercise. Yeah, this may be a little bit stressful, especially if you are not really that athletic type while, well, he is.
  5. When someone of you two names the other person their partner.
  6. When you go out with their friends for the first time.
  7. When you or your partner gets sick.
  8. When you meet the EX.
  9. The first fight. The serious fight.
  10. When one of you goes on a trip. Like a long one.

Well, this is it! What would you add?