The Spices You Should Eat

Spices and herbs are actually good for you! Well, of course in moderation, but you probably know that. But, if you really want to know which spices are the best, then you should probably read this article! Because we are about to introduce to you 7 spices and herbs that you should probably buy as soon as possible!

Cayenne – it is believed that the hotter the pepper, the better. And why? Well, because it contains capsaicin which is said to be good for digestion.

Ginger – do you know about a better cold remedy then a cup of ginger tea? Well, I do not! And I strongly encourage you to drink it as often as possible. However, cold is not the only thing that can be healed with ginger. It can also help with digeston, sore muscles, etc.

Cinnamon – for those who have diabetes, cinnamon is the best thing they can eat in order to lower the blood sugar level.

Cloves – are full of antioxidants.

Sage – you will not probably believe it but sage helps with Alzheimer and it can also help improving your memory.

Rosemary – it helps with chronic inflammation.

So? What are you having for lunch tomorrow?