Things That People Ask Dermatologists

After reading this post, you will not have to go to dermatologist in order to seek answers to the most common questions that every one wants to ask them. Are you ready to find out? Then keep on reading!

  1. The botox questions – when it comes to botox, no one can be sure. People tend to think that when they get botox, they will look frozen. However, that is not the truth, unless you overdo it. Also, you do not have to be afraid of becoming addicted to it. If you start sooner, you will need less.
  2. Asking what beauty treatments the dermatologist has undergone – well, these answers vary.
  3. The: “is this cancer” question. Well, the dermatologist cannot diagnose your spot right away. If, however, it is obvious that the spot you are showing them is not cancer, they will reassure you that you should not worry.
  4. Asking about the “magic products” – the only product a dermatologist will recommend is: sunscreen!
  5. Asking whether good skin is a matter of good genetics – well, it depends. It may be so, however, that does not mean that your skin cannot look better.