What Should You Eat Before Going To Bed?


Well, at first, let me just tell you that you should avoid snacking at midnight. However, we all know that sometimes it is impossible to avoid it. Like for example, when you are out, drinking and you simply feel that you need to eat something. Because you are hangry. Starving.


In that case, there is not much you can do to fight that urge, right? Well, you can choose your food and if you do it wisely, you can help yourself to better sleep!

So what are the foods you can eat?

Dairy – a cup of warm milk is not going to hurt you.

Nuts – a healthier alternative to a dessert.

Jasmine rice – rice is the winner!

Cherry juice – it encourages the production of melatonin.

Mint tea – has sedative effect, so it will basically put you to sleep.

Avoid eating these foods!

Spicy foods, chocolate, hard cheeses and bacon, of course. I do not think that it needs to be explained why these foods are not the best. Well, just let me say it straight, they will not help you fall sleep but otherwise.