What was the Original Effect of Spanish Fly?

Do you have any information about the original Spanish Fly? Well, if not then read this article and find out some interesting information!

A little bit of knowledge never killed nobody, right? I mean, it is always good to know some stuff, is it not? Especially if you are interested in trying Spanish Fly libido enhancers. A little bit of history, will only help you understand the product!

So, what was really the original effect of Spanish Fly?

Well, the original Spanish Fly was of course an aphrodisiac. And it was named Spanish Fly not because it was made of a fly, but it is made of insects, so it really does not sound so great, does it? Well, that is probably one of the reasons why this prouct is no longer used. But of coruse, that is not the only reason! The truth is that Spanish Fly contains cantharidin, an ingredient which is poisonous and which causes serious problems to people.


And the worst thing abou this aphrodisiac? Well, it does not work! It only causes irritation which is mistaken for arousal. But it can cause even death! And that is why not using this product is probably the best choice.

But fortunately, there are libido boosters which also use the name Spanish Fly, but are not made with the same ingredients as the original one! These libido boosters are natural, made of herbs and they are totally safe! Unlike the original Spanish Fly!

These libido boosters actually work! And that is probably the best thing about them. So, instead of desperately searching for the original Spanish Fly, you should focus on finding a new product that could actually improve your libido and revolutionize your sex life! There are plenty of libido enhancers out there, all you have to do is try them!

Well, now you know something about the original Spanish Fly! I hope that it helps you boost your libido and change your sex life!