Why You Should Not Eat Citrus Fruits


Do you have a sensitive stomach? If yes, then you should read this article!

Everyone has become crazy these days. As the winter is coming, and we get sick more and more often, we start to freak out and are willing to do anything just to keep ourselves and the whole family healthy. And so we try to eat lots of fruits in order to supply ourselves with the vitamins that we need.

Usually, we go for lemon. Or other kinds of citrus fruits. Because, well, we believe that these will work magic. And since it is true that lemon can really help us when we have cold, those of you who have sensitive stomach, should rather avoid it.

But, if you cannot eat lemon, then what should you eat instead?

Well, try some of these:

Apples – for some apples may be boring, but actually, they are very tasty and healthy!

Papaya – is great because it contains magnesium.

Pineapple – contains potassium, sodium and calcium.

Pomelo and litchi will also do you good!


How To Have The Coziest Bed Ever


In order to get a good night´s sleep, you need your bed to be cozy. As cozy as possible, right? Well, here are some tricks that will help you turn your bed into a great place where you will love to return to every night!

  1. Bedsheets – you need good besheets of a good quality that will make you feel comfortable. The best are cotton sheets! And do not forget to change it regularly! Every one or two weeks.
  2. Tuck your top blanket in – in order to aviod cold feet, you need to tuck your top blanket in on both sides of the bed.
  3. Get a fluffy comforter.
  4. Do not make your bed too perfect, it will make you feel bad about ruining it.
  5. Get a wool knit on your bed.
  6. Put a blanket on the top of your top sheet.
  7. Learn about the sizes of the pillows. And put as many of them on your bed as you can.
  8. Get a fluffy mattress cover.
  9. Give your room a scent.

And good night!

Do These Things To Be Happier This Week


Enough of dieting, right? This week, you deserve a break. You deserve to do the things you like and to eat whatever you want. Simply because you have worked so hard until now, that we believe it is finally the time for you to have a break. So, enjoy it with these things that we encourage you to say yes to!

  1. Say yes to a pizza! Everybody loves pizza! And this week you can eat as much as you want of it!
  2. Say yes to going to a party! Go out with your friends. You deserve it! Have a couple of beers, go dancing, do what you want!
  3. Procrastinate with Netflix. This week, all shows are allowed.
  4. Go on a date with someone you were not sure about. Perhaps you will find out that you two are a perfect match!
  5. Have a brunch on Sunday.
  6. Have guacamole.
  7. Go to a gym! Only if you feel like going.
  8. Spend money on yourself. Is there something you wanted to buy yourself for a long time? Well, now it is the right time to do it!
  9. Travel! If anyone asks you to go on a trip with them, do not hesitate and say yes!

Enjoy your week!

Things That People Ask Dermatologists


After reading this post, you will not have to go to dermatologist in order to seek answers to the most common questions that every one wants to ask them. Are you ready to find out? Then keep on reading!

  1. The botox questions – when it comes to botox, no one can be sure. People tend to think that when they get botox, they will look frozen. However, that is not the truth, unless you overdo it. Also, you do not have to be afraid of becoming addicted to it. If you start sooner, you will need less.
  2. Asking what beauty treatments the dermatologist has undergone – well, these answers vary.
  3. The: “is this cancer” question. Well, the dermatologist cannot diagnose your spot right away. If, however, it is obvious that the spot you are showing them is not cancer, they will reassure you that you should not worry.
  4. Asking about the “magic products” – the only product a dermatologist will recommend is: sunscreen!
  5. Asking whether good skin is a matter of good genetics – well, it depends. It may be so, however, that does not mean that your skin cannot look better.


The Career Moments That Annoy You


These are some of the moments that can annoy even the most positive people:

  1. When you simply need to work hard, but your computer decided to start messing with you. And you are just so hopeless, not knowing how to fix it.
  2. At that time, when you just do not know what to do, your colleague starts looking at your screen, thinking that you are simply doing nothing.
  3. Then you realize, that someone stole your snack from the refrigerator!
  4. And when you finally get over the fact that your healthy snack is forever gone, and you go to the vneding machine to buy something, your snack gets stuck.
  5. Then you go to the kitchen to make yourself some coffee and you see the dirty dishes in the sink.
  6. When you return, you are simply so angry that all you can do is put your headphones on.
  7. The headphones you later forget you have. So when you stand up, you rip them out. Great!

After all this, you only expect the time when you will be finally released to go home. But, who knows what terrible thing can happen in the meantime, right? Well, better watch out. And breathe. It could have been worse, you know.

Become A Morning Person


Do you always wake up feeling tired? Would you like to change that? Well, the good news is that you can! Do you want to know how? Just keep on reading and you will find out!

But at first, let me just inform you that genetics affect whether we are a morning person or a night person. However, that does not mean that you cannot help yourself to wake up fresh, you can! And the only thing you need in order to make that happen is light.

Sunlight. You have to expose yourself to sunlight in the morning if you want to reset your body clock. If you expose yourself to sunlight every morning, you will soon be able to go to bed sooner.

However, you can also help yourself by taking melatonin in tablet form two hourse before desired bedtime. And also, if you change your eating plan, it will help you fall asleep sooner. But you will have to find out for yourself.

Good luck, we know that you can be that morning person!

Things You Should Not Do Before Going To Bed


Not that we want to be bossy or something, we just want to help you to sleep better. And in order to do that, you need to realize that there are certain things, you should not do before going to sleep. Well, you can continue doing them, however, you will find it hard to fall asleep afterwards.

If you do not believe, then see for yourself!

  1. Using your mobile phone or other technical devices right before going to sleep. The lights from them can stimulate your brain and so make it harder for you to fall asleep.
  2. Eating sweets before bedtime. Sweets will lower the level of ghrelin which is said to be helpful for falling asleep.
  3. You take a hot bath. Which you probably consider perfectly great before going to bed, however, it does not help you fall asleep at all!
  4. Having a flu or cold pill. You should not take the ones that contain pseudoephedrine.
  5. Drinking decaff and thinking that it will do no harm. It will, even decaff contains some caffeine.
  6. Drinking alcohol. Well, we know that you will probably not stop drinking now, however, try not to drink in order to fall asleep.

Moving In With Your Long-Distance Love


Moving in with your partner is never easy, is it? However, it is something that has to come. Well, if you want your relationship to move forward, right? And I bet that you want!

So, how do you feel about moving in? Let me just tell you that you should know that you want it before you go with it. It may be good to go on a holiday before, just to test whether you are able to be with each other for a longer period of time, right? Because living together means being with each other 24/7. And you have to make sure that you are ready for that.

But, what is it like when people who are in a long-distance relationship are moving in together?

Well, that is a different story. Because the sudden change from not seeing each other often to being with each other all the time may be a shock for you. But that does not mean you should not go with it, right?

Just do not listen to what other people are saying, they may be wrong. Just make sure that you love each other and are able to deal with conflicts that are about to come. Good luck! You can do this!


When You Stop Drinking Diet Soda

Carbonated drink

You probably think that drinking diet soda is completely okay, don´t you? Well, you are wrong! Let me show you why!

Just imagine that you stopped drinking diet soda. I know that it is difficult, but imagine it! What would happen? What would the consequences? Let´s have a look, shall we?

  1. Migraines will disappear and your focus will sharpen – that sounds awesome, right? If you are suffering from migraines, you should definitely try to give up on diet soda!
  2. Taste buds will be more sensitive – food will suddenly have more flavour. Ain´t that great? The fact is that while you were drinking soda, your taste buds were overwhelmed with the sweetness of the drink.
  3. You will drop weight – yes, even diet soda can make you fat, believe it or not. o, if you are trying to lose weight, drop it!
  4. Your bones will become stronger – seriously, it almost sounds incredible how many good things will happen once you stop drinking diet soda!
  5. You will handle alcohol better – who would not want that, right?

What Should You Eat Before Going To Bed?



Well, at first, let me just tell you that you should avoid snacking at midnight. However, we all know that sometimes it is impossible to avoid it. Like for example, when you are out, drinking and you simply feel that you need to eat something. Because you are hangry. Starving.


In that case, there is not much you can do to fight that urge, right? Well, you can choose your food and if you do it wisely, you can help yourself to better sleep!

So what are the foods you can eat?

Dairy – a cup of warm milk is not going to hurt you.

Nuts – a healthier alternative to a dessert.

Jasmine rice – rice is the winner!

Cherry juice – it encourages the production of melatonin.

Mint tea – has sedative effect, so it will basically put you to sleep.

Avoid eating these foods!

Spicy foods, chocolate, hard cheeses and bacon, of course. I do not think that it needs to be explained why these foods are not the best. Well, just let me say it straight, they will not help you fall sleep but otherwise.

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