Hiring A New Trainer


So you have finally made the decision that you want to get in shape. Congratulations! Well, now you have to find yourself a good personal trainer, right? But how should you do that? Well, you should probably ask someone experienced. Just like us!

We will inform you about the five things, five essential things that you need to ask the trainer before you hire them. So what are those things? Read on, and you will find out!

  1. Ask about the certifications your trainer has. You want to make sure that your body is in the right hands, right,
  2. Ask about their motivation. What made them become a personal trainer?
  3. Ask about experience. Preferably, experience with similar clients like yourself.
  4. Ask about former clients. You may want to get in touch with them, because they know best.
  5. Try to learn as much as possible about the personality of your potential trainer. So that you know whether you two are a good match.

So, if everything is just fine, you can now start working out!

Treat Your Headache Naturally


Headache is something that happens to every person. Or nearly to every person. And it is actually a very unpleasant sickness to be honest, because sometimes it occurs without any real cause and it just does not want to go away. Even after you take that magical pill which is supposed to make an end to any kind of pain.

Well, you might be interested in some other kind of treatment. A natural, to be precise. If it is so, then here are some tips you would perhaps want to try:

1. Lie down, have a rest.

2. Eat. Small amounts and often.

3. Put a chilly wet washcloth over your forehead.

4. Take a hot shower.


Growing Up With Brothers


Those of you who grew up with brothers only, have some things in common. You know, it is good to be raised with guys, it teaches you a lot.

You are ready for basically anyting and you know how to defend yourself. Although, there are perhaps some things that other people might find annoying about you. Or weird at least. Anyway just watch this video and see 7 signs that you grew up with brothers only. I bet that you can relate to all of them!

The Weird Reasons Behind Couples´ Arguments


Why do couples fight? Do you know? Well, every couple is unique and so are the reasons behind their arguments. Which can sometimes be very weird. Like really, if you think that every argument that has ever happened between two people who are in a relationship is serious, you are wrong. Usually, couples fight about the the littlest things. The most stupid things.

If you want to know what these things are, then watch this video! This couple will show you what it is like. Enjoy the video! And try to argue less!

When You Have To Show A Doctor Your Private Parts


Well, this has always, always been awkward, right? Showing your private parts to a doctor. Even though you are an adult now. Actually, being an adult it seems even weirder. Especially when they look at it as if it was something weird. Which I hope does not happen to you!

It does not matter whether you are a woman or a man, it is never comfortable, you know, to just take your clothes off and get it over with. Although you know that it will eventually have to happen, right? Just watch the video to see how this guys deal with it, or do not deal with it.

Guys At The Party


Being a girl at a party is tough sometimes. Oh, let me correct myself, being a hot girl at a party can be very tough. Mostly because of all the weirdos asking you for a drink, phone number or a dance. Honestly, I do not know which of the three is the worst. But probably it is the dancing, because once you agree to dance with someone, you cannot escape. And some touching, undesired touching, will happen. However, when it comes to dancing, it is much more complicated, because there are 6 types of guys that you have probably danced with. And you can see them all in the video.


Flip Cup Vs. Beer Pong


These both games seem to be fun to play when you are at a party, right? However, which one is better? Have you ever considered that? Do you prefer to play beer pong or flip cup?

Well, most of the people that were asked said that flip cup is definitely better. So if you want to know why, then watch this video and find out more about both games and what people think about them. So that next time, when you are having a party, people can have proper fun!

Dentists Being Honest


Have you ever thought about what your dentist might really be thinking? Well, you perhaps should. Because believe it or not, dentists are not always being honest. They actually have some things they would perhaps like to tell you. And you would not like them, would you?

Just watch this video and see what it would be like if your dentist was honest with you. Perhaps you will appreciate the fact that he is not. Enjoy the video!

When You Cannot Stop Wearing Your Workout Clothes


Workout clothes are just so awesome! I mean, as soon as you put them on, you feel as if you were already doing something for yourself, ain´t that right? And also, they make you look so good! So active and interesting. It is just hard not to wear your clothes for as long as it is possible, and as often as it is possible. Which is a good thing, of course. Because that means, that you also exercise more often, right?

Or not? Do you wear your clothes even when you are not planning to workout? Well, if yes, you might have some problems. Just like these women in the funny video below.

What To Do When You Are Having Social Axiety In College


People with social anxieties will probably never have it easy. Not especially if they are studying at a college. Because there is no worse place for them than a place very huge amounts of students are concentrated at every step they make.

Well, that of course does not mean they should not attend college. Letting anxiety control your life is not a good thing. And that is what you should know. Slowly, you will make it through. All you have to do is try to connect with people. And to enjoy being on your own sometimes. Actually, eating on your own is great. And you should definitely try it. 11326168_1168059743220918_175255307_n enhanced-3732-1442604349-10

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